I have several meat rabbits for sale:
A Breeding doe that's jut over a year old and i a proven producer. Has had 2 very successful litters, the last one giving us 9 babies! Shes light gray in color. She is a Flemish giant about 13-14 lbs. ( shes smaller than most Flemish but is purebred) She can be pedigreed. 40$
All Babies SOLD I have more than 12 young meat rabbits for sale. they are 7 weeks old and already almost 3 lbs each. they are Flemish giant/Californian/new Zealand mix. The New Zealand and Californian breeds are known for growing quickly while the Flemish gives them the larger size which make them great meat rabbits. They can also be pets! Rabbits are easy to litter train and make great additions to families! 15$ each All Babies SOLD
If anyone is interested in purchasing several or all of these rabbit we can definitely work out a discounted price! Would like these gone as I am purchasing some other breeds for show!